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Best service and best people ever – angels-keepers for my car and me!
I bought my car at the auction about 10 years ago, and first thing that has happen – transmission problem. After being severely ripped off in many repair shops, I found them, just by chance, and this was really great found. It was a very complicated transmission problem coupled with computer problem. They solved it successfully and gave me significant discount. They also literally saved me the car several other times. They serve my car for more than 10 years and owe to them it is still up and running like new! They see that I am just a not very reach lady who is having difficulties with the car and they really help, always. This is really unique these days. Goerge is really kindest and unique person and great professional! My respect and gratitude!

Olga G S.
Stanford, CA

Came here when my transmission started acting up. Expected to pay a ton of money to fix it. Called them and spoke to George. Brought my car in on friday and got the Dx on wednesday. Might seem like a long time, but it’s a busy shop with lots of repairs going on. It’s not a fast food restaurant. Turned out to be a elctrical and mechanical switch causing the problem. They could have taken me to the bank, but the entire job costed 150 bucks!! I was expecting to pay $1200 to $1500 to replace/rebuild my tranny. George and his crew are knowledgable mechanics and more importantly, honest. They even showed me where the problem lay and gave me the broken part. I probably could have done it myself for cheaper, but I do know jack about transmissions. Still, I give them high marks and respect for knowing what my problem was and being honest businessmen. Good luck if you are having tranny problems.

Mike T.
San Francisco, CA

I had them rebulit my c4 which is for my 69 mustang that has a 472 small block. the tranny was done once by another shop and it never ran right from day one. after a year my tranny took a sh*t. so i took it to george to have them rebulit it to handle all the horse power my engine is putting out. all i have to say is thank you so much george!!!!!! now my car is running the way it was bulit to run.

Frank w.
Pacifica, CA

Outstanding experience from the stand point of professionalism, expertise, courteous, and very reasonable price. We were visiting in San Francisco when our transmission started slipping. We to Bryant Transmission on the recommendation of Carlos who has a mechanic shop. Bryant got on the job immediately even though they were quite busy. Gave an estimate between $100 of an easy fix to $2,400 for a new transmission. He called after hours the same day and said it was only $100 and would be ready the next day. We could have really gotten ripped since we were from out of town. Honest folks. Good job.

Gene K.
San Francisco, CA

A few months ago, I took my Suzuki Swift (that’s like a Geo metro) 5 speed in to Bryant Transmission; George gave me an estimate of $1500 to $2200, and it ended up being right around $1500 — including a new clutch, plus sending my transmission away for rebuilding. I felt it was very reasonable, and was grateful that the charges ended up on the low end of the estimate — how often does that happen? The car still runs fine, and I have a 12 month warranty, so am feeling great about the whole thing. They have an honest, no-nonsense vibe, and I’ll definately go back if I ever need more work.

Mark S.
San Francisco, CA

They did a fabulous job and George was up-front and honest. They diagnosed the problem with my vehicle, which was not the transmission, and then fixed quickly and cost-efficiently. I’ll be going back if I ever need work again.

D C.
San Francisco, CA

George provided great service at a nice price. Fixed my transmission in 3 days for my honda accord V6. This was a great alternative than dealing with the honda dealership. So far so good, my car runs like new again.

Rob W.
San Francisco, CA

Bryant Transmission was many things most transmissions shops are not: they were forthcoming, they were honest, they were patient, and they were extremely friendly. They were very patient with me as I coordinated a car repair for a friend who was out of town in India. Sensing that the car may not have been worth the investment, they honestly told me to seriously consider whether to try to fix it and to really consider the course of action that would benefit me and my friend most (rather than selling me a $4,000 transmission). They gave me a very honest assessment and did a great job of simply describing the inner workings of the transmission, a car part that had previously been a complete enigma to me.

Joe L.
San Francisco, CA

Rebuild from George was *much* cheaper than getting a rebuilt transmission from the Honda dealership, and the 2 year warranty was a better deal as well. Job took longer than he estimated at first, and yes, the place is a mess, but all is well so far (had my car back for about a month now.) I definitely get the impression they care about fixing things right.

Nickel P.
San Francisco, CA

These guys were great. They gave me a free tow from Noe Valley Auto Works to their shop, diagnosed and fixed the problem in the same day, and only charged me $100 for the whole thing. George is awesome and well deserving of the title Best Transmission shop in SF.

Alan B.
Mountain View, CA

It was my first visit to Bryant Transmission Center, and I received the best possible service. The problem was identified and repaired in a very timely fashion. The customer service is simply outstanding. I highly recommend this place to all potential customers.

Maggie G.
San Francisco, CA

George and his team did a great job rebuilding the transmission on my Acura. The price was reasonable, the job was completed on time and under budget, and it came with a three year warranty. If you need transmission work done on your car, I would highly recommend Bryant Transmission Center.

Steve C.
San Francisco, CA

When my transmission failed I slowly drove my car to Bryant Transmission Center and they checked it out. George told me that it would cost $2000-$3000 to fix and was very nice while I scrabbled around to find a new car and figure out how to dispose of the old one. My friend Iris also went to this shop several years ago after she got taken at AAMCO. I totally trust these people.

Deborah T.
San Francisco, CA